With its long sandy beach, nice beach side of pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels, small streets with local souvenir shops and fantastic sunset view, Calis is the most popular holiday and accommodation center of Fethiye.

Altough it is a small holiday area,having a Water Taxi to arrive at the town center of Fethiye shows that Calis makes your life colourful and enjoyable.

Nightlife is in Calis Beach doesn’t stay behind of Fethiye so you can spend your holiday time in pubs, bars or restaurants which are located on the seafront of Calis.

The shoreline of Calis has also a big role becoming a significant reproduction area for turtles called as Caretta-Carettas existing in the Mediterranean for 95 million years and the eggs laid by Carettas into the sandy beach at nights in the months of May through September are continuously watched and protected by volunteers of nature and other organizations.